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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Current Whereabouts and Future Plans

Hey everyone!
     I want to apologize for disappearing once again. Honestly, I really suck at this whole commitment thing, probably because I'm so new to blogging and to add to the fact that I truly have not been home for this entire summer. I'm not even kidding- I haven't been home for a solid week since June. Between my vacation to Honduras, Belize, and Mexico (which will be a future post for sure), multiple trips down the shore with both sides of my family, and Drum Major Academy at West Chester University (did I mention I'm a drum major now?), I haven't been home. It rocks but it stinks. As fun as adventures are, there's nothing like coming home and spending some good quality time with my friends.
     I'm really not sure what my future plans are with my blog. I really want to continue to do it and expand so that I'll be able to cover all of the topics I want to. I want to take more photos and expand my photography section of my blog, I want to begin to make DIY posts and my experiences with them, I want to add a cooking/baking section (which would kill two birds with one stone- I'd learn how to cook AND incorporate a new section that would attract more readers), I want to retry the 50 book challenge and write more book reviews and character analyses (because I really ought to read more, and reading is my all time favorite hobby), I want to create an adventure page and post all of the fun things I do throughout the year (also so it will force me to go on more adventures), I want to incorporate and poetry section or storytelling section so I can share what I've written and what my friends have written, and of course I want to use this blog for what I originally intended it to be; a space where I can relax and share what's going on with me and connect with others out there on the internet.
     Before any of that happens, however, I want to give my blog a makeover. I'm aiming for a simple format, but I also want it to be elegant. I'm inspired by many woodland-like blogs, but at the same time I'm digging blogs like Zoella's that are incredibly feminine and pastel-colored. It's a miracle I got this far with my blog now, and I kind of like my watercolor theme, but I think the heading of my blog is a bit too big. I haven't a clue how to shrink it, and I'd like to redo it, but I think I'm going to wait until school starts up again. I'm never home, so I'll never really manage to find the time to experiment with different themes and widgits. (By the way, if any of you reading this know how to work blogs and can help me, please do! I would be incredibly grateful, because quite frankly, I don't know crap about blogger.) I think I'll look on Pinterest tonight for some good blog formats.
     There are also so many more plans I have not only for this blog, but for myself and my friends on the internet. My good friend Morgan and I are trying to start a podcast (once again-clueless on the internet, so if you know anything about podcasts PLEASE tell me below!!), and my friend Matt and I are trying to create a separate scary story blog, similar to CreepyPasta. It would get our creative sides flowing, and help us stay in touch with one another considering Matt is taking very different courses than I am in school next year. The worst feeling in the world, in my own opinion, is losing a close friend slowly over time, and not doing anything about it. It's the worst. Especially if you have shared secrets with that friend.
     My remaining plans for the summer are fencing camp during the second week in August and band camp with my marching band the following week. I'm so excited for both, a little nervous about fencing camp considering I don't know who I will be rooming with and I won't know many people there at all. But hopefully I'll make friends. Fencers are the best. :) If not, what the heck. I probably won't see those people again anyways. In other news I have barely started my summer assignments. It's really depressing, knowing that July has just finished and school is just around the corner. I honestly feel as though I just got out of school! This is probably going to make a lot of people get angry, but I'm actually excited to go back to school shopping. This year, I have all these plans to decorate my notebooks with washi tape and patterned paper. I love designing my notebooks! I can't even wait to print out pictures for my locker and start to look online for cool DIY ways to decorate your locker. AGH I'm such a nerd.

I hope you all are having a great summer!!

Until next time